Mar 132019

I’m gonna get right to the point. I’ve been researching and collecting evidence for years, and now, the evidence points to the coming times.  Its not WAR thats going to be our problem folks.   All you have to do is go outside and look up to see what our problem is.  Our government is covering it up right now! everyday!  I’ve always been a huge skeptic and driven to prove things no matter true or false.  This…   this has proven to be true, and we are running out of time.  I have tons of evidence, videos, pictures, you name it!   and these ABOVE ground survival groups are gonna be your coffin!   We need to get a underground system started and needs to be started yesterday.   We really don’t have time, but there is no choice.   If we’re lucky we have a max of 1 year from now.   ANYONE who has a brain  and not a complete nut job feel free to PM me I’m in Statesville, but we’re looking to create this underground system in Granite Falls.


Hopefully people are still coming here.


May god be with you all.


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  1. Hi Tom, I am a newcomer to the preppergroups site, and your post was the one that caught my attention. I have also been thinking that underground sounds safer, especially if that location is as private as possible. Are you still planning this community? Do you have an interested group yet? I’d be interested in hearing about your plans and what kind of requirements you have for possible joiners. Any info you can share would be appreciated, as well as what you are looking for in participants. Thanks, Tammy