Jan 042020

Hello all, I’ve lived in Arizona about 5 years now from northern Michigan. 36 years old, single, never married, no kids. Even though I have no kids or partner, I’m very family orientated. I’ve always been an avid outdoorsman including much hunting and off grid camping. I’ve always been the type to be prepared for anything in all situations and have been trying to build up my supplies over the years. With cash and space being a little tight I haven’t built up a whole lot but I still believe I have a lot to offer a group. I work as a handyman here and built houses back in Michigan so I can fix or build just about anything and have been known to make things work with what is on hand. I feel these skills would come in very helpful to a group. If anyone is interested in know more about me and what I’ve currently gather, please let me know! It would be great to hear from like minded people.

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  1. Greetings sir, are you in the Phoenix?
    I am a member of a group based in the valley with 40 acres up in the high desert area between Heber and Holbrook.
    Your skills would be helpful to us and we are recruiting at this time.
    We have a vetting process and if interested please contact me at 480 225 9192