Aug 142017

Located in Meridian, MS. Looking to join a group in east central MS or west central AL.

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  1. Contact Tom at mr [dot] electrician [at] rocketmail [dot] com. They have an awesome location and facilities that might be what you are looking for.Their facilities are in SW KY. and borders TN. MS.MO, AK

  2. Hi and thanks for the replies. I am now preparing myself to “prep” but at the moment haven’t started. I am looking for and open to direction and guidance as I begin this endeavor. Can someone point me in the direction of a good book online or in print which will help me get the ball rolling?

    • Head to the prepper forum. This side of the site is just for making contacts with people for meetups, training, and groups.

      There’s a wealth of information there, threads for beginners, and if you’d like somebody will probably give you starter books.


  3. I am in East central MS and I am interested in starting a group. I have skills, supplies, etc. Looking for someone with rural land in this area. If you are interested, respond back to this post.