Feb 062019
  1. Hello everyone I am actively seeking to join a group or even team up in forming a new group in southern wv. I know most groups only want memebers that they deem an asset to the team so I will briefly list a few of my skills that I can personally bring to any team.

ASE certified master auto mechanic

Wv licensed paramedic as well as wv cert. Emt-miner

Cert. Apprentice electrician

Ordained Minister as well as wedding/funeral officiant

experienced farm hand

Combat trained (hand to hand as well as firearms training)

Extensive knowledge of southern wv mountains.

And more…..

I do have my own supplies and gear but only enough to supply and defend my wife and I at this time. My wife would also consider joining the right group as she is a trained medical professional as well as other skills.

If any of these skills interest you or your group please contact me for further discussion.

  2 Responses to “Looking to join in southern WV”

  1. You ought to be able to find a team with those skills!
    We are looking to move to Highland County, VA next year and trying to find property now.

  2. will exchange information with you but only on an encrypted email
    if interested I will give you information for a free encrypted email
    we have 183 acres close to the greenbrier river and are looking to expand our group

    prepper (at) tutanota.de