Apr 282022

Reaching out again. I am looking to make contact with other preppers. I would love to find a group to join for mutual support and learning skills. But I would welcome contact with beginners too. Maybe there is a need to start a new group in northern Illinois.
I am not an expert but do have some useful skills and some supplies. I live in the Algonquin area.

  2 Responses to “Looking to make connections”

  1. Hi. We’re in NW MO, but you never know where you may end up when SHTF. Good to “know” others with some kind if plan.

  2. Hi CaraP.
    Nice to here from other Preppers. I have had trouble getting connected with others in my area. I have met with one and maybe we need to start a new group. Do you have a MAG? If so, how did you find it or start it?
    I’m really not an expert at this so would love to have people to learn from.