Sep 202017

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While I don’t have the greatest knowledge of how to go about being self-sufficient and prepared, I do have a house on 24 beautiful acres, and I’m learning more all of the time. I moved here by myself with a desire to start a more self-sufficient, healthy, and generous lifestyle. I am a 37-year-old, Christian male with a full-time job. I work from home here, and my place is between Bolivar and Buffalo. If there are others who are looking to be more self-sufficient and who are interested in joining me in developing that type of lifestyle here, let me know!

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  1. Hi, my name is Dawn and me and my husband feel we are being led there for reasons of the bible and my brother feels the same way but he’s scared to act on it so we are trying to reach out to some folks.. We are currently living in Va beach Va and do not feel safe and here and are trying to prepare for what’s ahead although we don’t know that much about the Ozarks or how to go about making that happen. Currently have a small home remodeling business trying to save money and supply’s but if you have any info or could help in any way that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and god bless in your endeavors.

  2. We are looking to form a group on MO

  3. Good Day,

    I’m a long time serious prepper & resident of the SW Missouri Ozarks – residing near Springfield MO in Greene County. My wife & I are in the process of building a new (mostly) off-grid homestead on raw rural land we bought in Webster County (MO) – where we will be permanently relocating to soon.

    I would encourage any preparedness-minded folks looking for a “relatively” safe place to relocate to to consider the Ozarks Plateau region – and to specifically consider Webster County, MO if you’re looking for:
    – Non-intrusive local government (outside of Greene & Christian counties)
    – Reasonable land prices
    – Abundant water sources
    – Moderate climate with 4 distinct seasons
    – Significant percentage of “preparedness-minded” folks – lots of homesteaders & small farmers / ranchers

    Moving to an “Intentional Community” isn’t for us. However, we definitely would be interested in collaborating with other “like-minded” folks who live nearby. The form of collaboration could range from occasionally getting together to discuss relevant topics – to possibly forming a formal Mutual Assistance Group or Survival Group.

    If you currently live within 50 miles of 37.181244, -93.036214 (or are seriously considering moving here soon) – and would be interested in collaborating, let’s talk.

  4. I would agree with your assessment of the area. I live in Polk county, and I have experienced all of the things you have mentioned. I’m not really looking to have a community here either, but I would love to get to know others of a similar mindset. It would also be nice to have one or two more persons here to help accomplish the goals that can’t be accomplished with one person.

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