Jun 112018

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I would like to create a group or team of people who want to prep and work together to develop a network to share information, tricks, tips and assistance when needed. I located in the Denver Metro area.

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  1. I and a few friends of mine are in the process of doing the same thing, recently entered into a land contract in southern colorado (san luis valley), so needless to say, we are very interested in this.

  2. Hi, I am relatively new to the Prepper community, but would like to get more involved. I live in Colorado Springs, and am interested in purchasing some mountain property in the next year or two. I spent 5 years in the Army, but work as a civilian now. I am interested in making some friends, contacts, and Allies here in Colorado.

    • what did you do in the army?

      • I was a 35F Intelligence Analyst. Though unlike many other Analysts I actually had an interest in doing the hooah stuff, so volunteered for just about every FTX, or Range I could.

  3. I’m former Navy myself. I live on the east side of the Denver metro. I would like to work with you as I am new to this myself.

    • It looks like we might have the beginnings of nice Colorado group here.

      • I am not new to prepping, and have skills and assets to offer but no group. If you are building one please let me know, I would like to get involved.

  4. I’m always interested in meeting people with similar preparedness interests.

  5. I am interested in the idea of purchasing my own land / lot, that is in a community of lots targeted for the pepper community. Since I live in the Denver metro area I am specifically interested in Colorado for now. I am not sure if anybody has a similar interest, or knows of such a community?

    • I know of a currently small group of individuals with 46 acres who want people to join in settling and cultivating a community on that property. The mortgage payments are uber low, and the property is close to running water with a relatively high aquaduct. If your interested, or know someone who may be, email tgolfoundation at g mail. Or PM me.

  6. I’m fairly new to prepping but would like to get into it more. I also have a couple of buddies with the same mindset and are actively looking for a group to join as we know people are the key to survival. I am currently in Colorado Springs 5 days a week and in Parker the other 2.

  7. Hows everyone doing? Id like to start off by letting you know i have no background in anything about this subject and havent known anyone that’s felt or wanted to acknowledge truth. I am a seamstress and could help with any prototyping/ sewing. Projects being thought of.

    • Hey what part of CO are you in? I’m in Longmont. I’m a woman and I get the feeling that you are too.

  8. Is anyone still out there. I would like to link with you guys especially the Denver few since you guys are near

  9. Interested. I’m a Navy vet, we are already fairly well set up but I’ve often wished for a group to share buying power, local places with great deals on stuff, specific escape plans from the city if need be, possibly some training weekends, etc. We currently live in the NE corner of the metro area, but are looking at moving to a more rural location (but within an hour of hub’s work in the Denver area) within the next year or so.

    I’m married, hubs is an electronics guy who is working on getting his ham license and would be exactly the need guy who would thrive on ham feelers. My adult son (also a military veteran) lives with us and pays rent (this is due to cost of living, not “lazy millennial” kind of crap, which isn’t even a thing in my opinion) and is knowledgeabalbe about weapons and electronics and works in sprinkler repair. . My 17 year old is a physics and weapons aficionado and wants to be a weapons engineer. And I’ve seen some designs, kid is wicked smart. I also have a 5 year old and 22 mo old. My skills include food preservation, natural/herbal medicine as well as conventional (I have my emt and can and am 3 years into nursing school), misc construction skills, cooking, primitive foods and methods, etc. I grew up on a farm in the Midwest where we grew or raised and butchered 98% of what we consumed.

    As a family, we want to do more backpacking this year. We want to do everything from short day hikes to weekend overnight hikes, with the little kids and without, ultralight deep woods and mainstream hiking trails.

    I know my husband would love get together with people who can get him involved in the local ham clubs and stuff. He does software development for work so if you speak his “language” that’s a plus, lol.

    A few weeks ago I found the site of a wilderness school in the Seattle area and it’s a really immersive learn to survive and live off the land kind of thing. But it’s 9 mo and 14k and I don’t have either. I thought it was really fun sounding. It got me thinking how cool it would be to find people locally with skills so that we can form a group and go out for a weekend and learn and practice various skills. Many people don’t realize that even something like fishing isn’t nearly as simple as it looks on tv.

    My elderly in laws also live with us, they likely won’t be too involved in any get together or in a get out of dodge type scenario either, really, but they do need to meet people too so if you have parents they might want to hang out with while we all do our thing, that would be great too.

    We are sort of a mix/cross of non denominational Christian (but don’t attend services) with a little pagan and Wicca mixed in but we don’t really practice any religion and usually prefer to leave that out of the mix. Unless it involves dressing in fluttery white gowns and dancing around the standing stones on Samhain a la Outlander, anyway, hehe!

    We are all independent/unaffiliated but lean to the left. If you are a trump supporter, we prob wouldn’t be a good fit. But again, we prefer to leave politics out of things. Just don’t bring it up and we should be ok.

  10. If you feel the need to become part of a group of like minded individuals, to navigate the events leading up to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, then this may be a group that can benefit you. http://clint-gray.com/5CP.htm

  11. Hello former infantryman and marksmen did 8yrs of service and 2 deployments have a pretty good knowledge in prepper world and techniques i will be moving to the Colorado springs area withing the next 6 months or so working on getting place with 40 acers of land and would like to get group going to e be able to watch each others 6 when shtf happends

    • I’m in the fountain area, I’d be interested in learning some of your infantry techniques if possible. I’m currently an 88M and am a former 12B, just feel like my urban operations could be brushed up on.

  12. I also looking to join or form a group with active and local to my area preppers (not just meeting once or twice a month). I’m in Highlands Ranch. If anyone interested – [email protected]

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