Feb 132021

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Hello to all!

Looking to meet with like minded good people that understand the importance of preparation for these times. I believe some of us that share intuition truly understand this. Like to hear from you if your in the lower mainland BC.

Thank you


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  1. Hello Raven1
    YES we totally agree with you. Where are you located?
    Hope you get this message.

  2. Hey , I think you’re totally right. Now more then ever looks like a good time to hope for the best but be prepared none the less. Message me , I’m in Vancouver area

  3. hello Raven1, Atlantis99, stamo82 ~

    i’m also in the lower mainland, interested in discussion, sharing thoughts, feedback, and possibly local trips to crown land for foraging (yes, even in winter!) and bushcraft. send me a message if you’re game.

    Thank you


    • I would like to join. Lets do it.

      • I’m a little late to the party but I’d like to join as well, I’m done dealing with my family and friends all thinking it’s a joke and that I’m nuts

        • hey Matilda

          Fraser valley here.

          I hear you, i am in the same position, no one wants to listen and i can see what could be.

          I have seen so many people on these groups babling religion.

          I want to just meet people who want to prep and be readyf or whatever may happen.

          hit me up if you want to talk.


  4. Hi Raven,

    I know this is an old post but am interested in talking. I’m quite new to this site but not to prepping.

    Please feel free to contact me 🙂