Feb 062019

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From the Madison area.

Experience combat medic, lot of national guard and deployment time. Good medical skills, spent most of my career in the light Infantry. Knowledgeable in prolonged field care and field hygiene concerns. Spent many a night in lean-to shelters, no stranger to the bush. Done my share of door kicker stuff.

Have a wife, she shoots too. Both healthy enough to carry our own weight and more. She’s got years of child care skills if anyone has a family in the group.

We’re armed, but fresh to prepping. I have the bug-out skills and gear but need some group guidance on home preparations, would love a friendly ear to bounce ideas off of.

Hope this message finds you.

– Jake

  3 Responses to “Madison Area”

  1. Hi Jake,

    I assume that by now several people have sent you messages suggesting a meeting between you and them. I gave your contact info to a number of people in the southern WI area and all said they would contact you at the earliest opportunity. So good luck and hope to meet you at one of the state meetings soon.


  2. We have a well established group with an excellent retreat site in Michigan. We are all prepped up and have all our bases covered including a medical team of doctors & nurses but lost our combat medic last year who had to move. We need a medic to move out with the tactical team. We’re worth the drive. Contact me if interested.

    [email protected]

  3. We’re in the La Crosse area. If you’re interested, let me know. We’re military as well.