Dec 122020

It sure is surprising there is not more information about prepping and MAGs in this area. Especially with all that is going on in the world. I hope there are many more in the area that are prepared … more than just some TP. Or we are in big trouble.

I am retired and fairly new to serious prepping. I was a mechanic, electrician, instrumentation technician, and electrical designer mostly.

They say not to go it alone. So don’t. Drop me a note here.

  2 Responses to “MAG in Lawrence, KS area?”

  1. Hi there, I think you will find slim pickings for people who are even aware what they should be doing. I noticed other shoppers as I was pushing my cart loaded with rice and beans thru the discount box store. As you said they were worried about TP when they were buying their pre cooked frozen /microwave semi food substances.
    Keep looking for others of like mind or even some younger people who have a real reason to survive and thrive and not to many bad habits or scary friends. If you have preps and they have a strong back and a real will to work together it is better than waiting for the mythical super prepper.

  2. You can PM me. Always looking for alike minds and/or MAG. I live in KC, although will likely leave for rural at some point.