Nov 182020

Interested in meeting Christ Based Preppers in Maine/NH

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  1. Hello,
    I’m in Vermont, about an hour from White River Junction. We’ve been here since 2018, started a garden, and working on a house in a rural area. Depending on where you are in the NH/ME area, let me know of what you’re looking for. I am a pro-life Bible believing Christian, and believe in Constitutional principle secondarily.

    • Dear Countrybound64 – I believe my wife and I are like-minded constitutional Christians. We live in Nashua, NH, and have a full compliment of prepper items for off-grid living that we believe will be necessary within the coming times. I am a 65 yr old current Fort Bragg instructor and as an executive engineering professional traveled the world to support US government facilities. Our son graduated the US Naval Academy, Annapolis, and is now stationed in San Diego. Our daughter is a registered nurse in Kansas with her husband. Now retired We’re looking for piece and tranquility, and a bug-out destination should things get bad here in southern NH. We travel in a new SUV and can travel with months of food supply, heating and lighting fuel, etc. – God Speed!