Sep 222021

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Marylanders! Anyone here? Are there any groups? We are in Baltimore county, but anywhere in MD/DC is ok.

I’ve been trying to find either I individuals or groups of like-minded people to meet, share expeirence, learn from each other, and discuss our options in this craziness.

I’m not sure if we can write each other here, but I’m willing to put time into organizing a meeting – real or virtual to start a group.

If there IS a group and you see my post – please, do contact me. I have good skills and am sooo willing to come to know like-minded people. at gmail dot com


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  1. I’m in Montgomery County, South Eastern PA. Also looking for a group/meet up. I’ll travel.

  2. I’m in Baltimore md

    • I’m in the Brooklyn area just south of the city I consider myself to still be new to prepping but I do have some supplies. What about you?

  3. Glen Burnie area here….

  4. I’m in Baltimore Maryland looking to learn from as well as forming a MAG with

  5. Born in Baltimore County. Grad from Towson HS. “When I left my home and family I was no more than a boy, in the company of strangers…”
    Left Baltimore at age 17. Returned for a few years, renovated a row house on Calvert St. down by the train station. Taught school for two years, went to a “professional school” and ended up back in the service. Retired 2007.Living on a (relatively) self sufficient farm in the midwest. Why am I telling you this? Baltimore County is doomed for any number of good reasons. Time to get out and find a place to settle, QUICKLY.
    IF you can read my screen name, you can learn a bit about me. The “S” at the end is VERY important.
    To the right type of folks, I may be able to help but am not going to waste my time on anyone who doesn’t want to put some serious skin in the game. If you got the jab, your life expectancy is less than 5 years; maybe only 2 at most.
    This is no longer a game. Prepping is a change in your way of life, not a collection of expired shelf-life stuff that is all expendable. Prove you understand that and contact me [email protected]

  6. Hello:

    My wife & I are also looking to meet others to start a group. Please email me at: [email protected]