Jan 222021

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Just want to network and possibly create a group with you guys here. 68W background CLS instructor. Reach out and lets get connected. Stay Humble, Don’t Stand Out, Empath, Thankful, but vigilant individualsz

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  1. Hey, I’m in Maryland as well. You can email me at [email protected] if you want to connect.

  2. Low key is the way to stay under the radar. It’s good that you are looking for others. The time is now to get things put together. I am not in your area but have knowledge to share. [email protected]

  3. Hello my friend, are you still looking for preparedness minded people in the area?

  4. anyone on this thread living on the eastern shore of the chesapeke?

    or know of prepared people in DelMarVa?



  5. I’m in Baltimore Maryland looking to form a MAG as well as learn new skills

  6. Aloha.

    With all that is happening both here and abroad, it is good that we stay vigilant. It is easy to prepare, if you know what to focus on: bug in or out. Plan A B C D F adjust when all else fail. Having a team of contacts that you can depend on can become a force multiplier. Remind yourself to be weary often but it doesn’t mean that we wont give them a chance, its like hiring someone new for the job. Having someone who has your back & who you can depend on is always a must. May it be Solo, Group, or Family our mindset should be survive smarter, longer, & safer.