Jan 172021

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The times certainly are getting interesting. We are here in west central montana. This year could be a good year to not be in a city and also have a garden, wood heat, well and most things to get along for a while without going to wal mart.
We are close enough to a town of 30K to work and have amenities and behind us is some wilderness. Can you stay awake from midnight till four AM to watch the security video screen? I feel we will soon be in a economic decline the likes of which most have no knowledge of. If you are just now becoming aware….. than good for you and start burning the midnight oil. If you are staying in a large leftist controlled city with terrorism nightly, that depends on constant impute of goods, services and food and water….I have no words for you. I would love to talk to anyone in person about joining together in a MAG but only in person, no chatter on the insecure internet. Message me or join the free secure email proton mail and send me a message directly at [email protected]

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  1. Hi there,

    We are responding to your post below… we are trying to get in touch with other preppers in our area and I was wondering if you guys are part of a group or if you are interested in getting together and try to form our group. We live near Seeley Lake MT and we want to learn as soon as possible how to become self sufficient.

    We would like to form a group of like-minded individuals who believe in personal responsibility, individual freedoms and preparing for disasters of all origins. This group is aimed at individuals that have an interest in gaining knowledge, acquiring new skills and networking with like-minded individuals that are preppers and survivalists.ӬӬ

    Areas of interest we hope to cover include but are not limited to:ӬӬ

    Food storage, canning, dehydrating, food preservation, gardening

    Self-reliance, EMP and Faraday Cages

    Water procurement. water filtration, water purification

    Communications Technology in relation to survivalism

    Firearms and Alternate Weapon Creation

    Martial Arts Defense Training, Bug out Vehicles and Locations, ,

    alternative shelter, alternative power

    … and much more eventually… barter, trade, natural disasters, emergency medicine, wilderness medicine, trauma care, bush-craft, fire making, urban preparedness, hygiene, grid down, off-grid options, Permaculture, aquaponics, hydroponics, edible landscaping, bug out bags, bug in bag, foraging, wild edibles, building community, herbs, tinctures, essential oils, alternative medicine, beekeeping, blacksmith, grain milling, solar cooking, etc.”¨”¨Our goal is to help everyone in the group be self-sufficient!!!
    email: [email protected]