Mar 302020

Hello. I am looking at finding other people who are of the preparedness mind set. As of now it is just me. I would like to from a group of people and one day have a BOL. I have no interest in taking over the government, aliens or the deep state. I just want to be able to survive and flourish when the society crumbles around us. Thank you

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  1. We have a group right in your neighborhood, mostly in Wonder Lake. A bit about us, we have 6 families with a food variety of skills. We’ve been together for many years and we meet/train each month, sometimes more often. We’re a Christian based group, but being a Christian is NOT a requirement. That means we hold on to the principles laid out in the Bible, we pray before each meeting and we respect each others privacy. If your interested contact me at [email protected] and we’ll see if we’re suited for each other.

  2. Hello- I replied to namvet via email today. We are also Iocated in am McHenry County. Looking for like minded individuals to learn, meet and train with. I have a medical and military background and from survivalist parents .

    We are not extremists and wouldn’t mesh well with those types we’d just like to be self sufficient, just in case.

    I look at it like this…. we learn the basic methods of everything from medical to math even though we have computers and calculators to do the work for us, however we still need to know the most basic of skills, just in case the off chance those things are no longer available to us. Why shouldn’t eating, shelter, self defense, etc be part of the basic skills we learn?

  3. Are you still seeking to connect? My husband and I are looking as well. We have some skills that would benefit a group and want to join or start one.