Sep 102021

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Looking for like minded, safety in Numbers, prepping groups. Looking to collaborate. Family looking for other families is pref.

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  1. Greetings! We have an established group and a retreat site in northern Michigan (Huron National Forest area). If interested contact me at…

    [email protected]

  2. Greetings Jthurk01

    where about in MI are you?
    NESW, LakeShore?

  3. Hey all, I live in SE MI and am looking for like minded individuals to form a MAG with or join existing. I’m looking for property in Northern MI as well. Would like to know more about your group.

  4. OPSEC won’t allow me to give a location of our retreat site any more detailed than we are in the Huron National Forest area of the northern portion of the lower peninsula of Michigan. It’s very rural, no cities nearby, no freeways nearby and our neighbors are a mix of family farms, family ranches and Amish. We have member families from Ohio and Indiana as well as from downstate. We’re not a militia but we do take defensive considerations seriously.