Sep 122016

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Hello all.  We are the same as many of you out there. We are a Christian family looking for like minded people to network with.  If you are in the same type of situation and would like to talk. Let me know.  Prepperman @ g mail

Times are getting interesting have to have a plan

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  1. Hello and welcome-also good luck getting together with someone close-either people are sleeping or very much to themselves-not sure

    • Hey there patriot c,
      Thanks for leaving a comment. The area that I am seems to be trendy however I hear that the folks in the surrounding areas are more aware and that is who Im looking for if they are on here.
      Anyway it’s time for us all to wake up…
      Thanks again.

  2. Hi prepperman,
    I am also a christian prepper looking for others to network with. I am always willing and ready to talk and share. Email is [email protected]

  3. Hello, Midland, prepper. We are a family of three adults in the Bay City area and trying to get our act together with prepping, while financially ‘challenged’. I’m sure that we have many needed talents, some of which we’re not even aware of, because it’s just ‘stuff we do’. I sew extensively, and now that I’m retired (formerly a ‘big truck’ driver, I am going to take up canning as a means to frugal prepping/storage. My daughter in law is preparing to do gardening next summer, and my son is interested in firearms training. Hopefully, I can soon surprise him with a new gun, but in the meantime, we have a shotgun, old but in good condition. I am a Christian, and the ‘kids’ are believers by not the ‘on your sleeve’ kind.

  4. Hello sandykmoore

    Sounds like you have a lot of the basics covered. If you guys are still open to work together lets meet up for coffee or lunch. Let me know how I can get ahold of you
    my contact info listed above.