Jan 052019

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Are there any out there? Would like to connect if possible. Looking for a safe house for single women, have been prepping can bring skills to the table. But the more in numbers will make light work. Or help fortify this home, in a rural area. PM me please

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  1. Good for you for reaching out. It’s a scary world out there but as you note almost any situation is better with trusted like minded people. If you are interested in staying where you are I would recommend trying a “house share” sort of thing. Other single women who would like to live someplace safe with space for animals and a garden would be my target audience. Where I live it is very hard to find a rental that allows dogs for instance. We rent out two small private apartments in our house which some people can’t imagine doing. But just the fact that someone else is around helps in many ways. And since they have their own place it makes living in the same house doable. Where I am we use craigslist as one resource, I place a add in rooms and shares. I give no info as far as location (besides distance from town) and i don’t give out my contact info. The person responds with the craigslist PM and I sort out them from there. The rooms and shares is more easy going than rentals and their long list of things you can or can’t advertise. So if you want to put female mature only you can do so. I meet people in a coffee shop or somewhere and talk to them to vet them. I also ask them in the add to respond with their own email, a phone number and where they have lived for the last few years. Google their name email and phone number in relation to a location and lots of info usually pops up.

  2. I’ve got a location made up and looking for anyone with some skills

  3. Are you interested in eastern Wyoming? About 30 miles from the SD state line. Read my posting about a small ranch in Wyoming and get back with me if you want. God Bless, KC