Jul 302021

Missouri family seeking a prepping community to work and associate with.     We have skills in the medical profession, I’m a ham radio operator, we have 2 large portable generators-1 solar and wind turbine powered, 2 other solar panels for power, multiple firearms /w huge amount of ammo., couple compound bows.

  3 Responses to “Missouri family”

  1. Hi I am around the st.louis area . I am also looking for like minded folks . I am a journeyman welder . I have guns and ammo as well I have skills in camping and tons of outher things. Are you around the st.louis area?

  2. We are a multi=generaltional family who is also interested and currently in the St Louis “area”. A “bug out” or even a drastic change in lifestyle is not out of the question. We’d love to meet others thinking similarly to us. Our adult ages range from 26 to 58, with varied skillsets.

  3. Christian married couple in early 50’s located in Wentzville. We are interested in meeting like minded people to establish community with in the Southern Missouri, Northwest Arkansas, or Florida area. Time is of the essence for all if us. Ready and willing to move at the right opportunity ASAP.