Jul 112017

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Looking for self reliant hard working people. The time is getting shorter to be in a good place with good people.

We think rocky mountain montana is a good place.  We are interested in meeting real people who live in the area or are contemplating moving . God helps the helpless but the rest of us have to chop wood and carry water.

Looking at this ad it is a bit light on info. I could tell you all the things we have stockpiled for the last 25 years, the skills we have learned and the continuing self reliant things we are doing. But that wouldn’t probably impress the people that have not done things like dig a shelter, can produce, get a RN degree, work in a generator and ATV shop for 30 years, build a couple of houses from scratch and are currently raising a teenager. Plus laying out too much info is bad for opsec.

Hit me up at montanabill08 (at) gmail (dot com)

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  1. Ryder my wife and I are interested and want to learn more, need safe place, have good skill set. contact me here.

  2. I live in Florida with my 85yr old mother-two dogs and cat.We are looking to prep with others before the SHTF. We would like to know if your getting a group together. The NEW WORLD ORDER is soon to hit and it be too late. Let us know if you are still interested in grouping up with others before the horrific persecution starts. I will even take a drive up there if I need too. EMAIL [email protected]

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