Nov 152021

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Central montana mutual assistance group. We have things and knowledge and have been doing this quite a while. We have not taken the covid vax and choose not to be in close proximity to those that have. We are looking for others either already in Montana or those that are ready to move here to escape the crazyness that seems so rampant. We are close enough to town to work and early this spring we will have the resources for a privately developed fully owned fall back property with spaces for rent for other like minded people.

Montana is still not enforcing jab mandates and there are jobs. If you don’t want to take the covid jab check out austrailia and austria and a few other countries and what they are doing to  the unvaccinated. If you have children, protect them.

Dheck out survivalprepper1 on you tube.

Get in touch and let’s chat. megalith4[email protected] or any other way you would like to communicate


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  1. Looking for like minded. Me: old guy but still in ok shape, Christian, Vol. for Nam, Patriot, prepping 10yrs. have everything I need for two years, ran heavy equip, backhoe, 966 loader Nome Alaska, teamster for years, homesteaded Mt. Redoubt Ak. Earth home/cabin designer/builder, artist, large wildlife wood carvings to ivory scrimshaw, taught children’s art in my own studio, self employed, cartoon maps 9 states/20yrs, thousands of customers, have 14′ camp trailer, 4X4 Tahoe, single, no pets. have a Montana state cartoon map am working on, …..

  2. I’m looking too, Paradise! I found this site tonight and it’s so nice to know I’m not alone.