Aug 292021

hello from Montana. Lately I have been getting more inquires about moving to montana and from locals the question is where is a safe place.
It is kinda like real estate…..location location location. You can have all the preps and skills in the world but if you live in the downtown of one of our nations larger cites you may as well get right with your higher power now.
We have been living in centrqal montana for 25 years now and moved here to be in a safer place where we can survive and thrive.
Has anyone been following the happenings in the world and the usa lately? We are jab free here and plan on staying that way. I feel a heightening urgency that things will clamp down from one reason or another so it is time to be where you want to be for awhile.
I would love to meet others who realize they need to be someplace safer and are ready to move or establish a pre stocked place to fall back to. (Call it a vacation cabin if you want). Or if anyone already lives in the area and wants to get in touch with other like minded people, look me up. Contact me on the free and easy to use proton mail [email protected] or [email protected]

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