May 232023

Time for some common sense. Montana has a non woke state government, concealed carry without permit, easy homeschooling, some wide open places and opportunity.

The legislation and the governor just banned tik tok, believe in the sanctity of life and are strong 2A supporters.

We would love to meet others or welcome others who are ready to relocate someplace better before everything collapses.

No we are not looking to support people who have nothing and don’t want to work.
There is real opportunity here if you really want to live in a better place. Right now I am behind on the simple tasks and our chickens are putting out more eggs than we can freeze dry.

We have a studio apartment available starting in august.

Get ahold of me at [email protected]



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  2 Responses to “Montana time”

  1. What is your general location? Graduated Miles City and lived in several cities.
    Love Montana.

  2. We are in the Helena MT area. a few miles from the missouri river. We live up nofindum creek by that unnamed mountain.

    Seriously the time to get out of the big city’s is now..