Sep 122018

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Starting prepping, now I’m just gathering items for the potential bad weather that comes our way. Have a generator, water purifier system  ( Katadyn) hand held.

I’m starting to assemble a Go Bag, I already use my EDC when out out. My bag consists of small shovel, ax, basic tools, tarp, plastic ( I use mattress wraps) these are great for sleeping warmth. Many other items that are survival minded.

It is difficult when your wife is not of the same survival thinking, she agrees on prepping , to an extent, she is not a camping person,  Hoilday Inn is her idea of camping.

Any other locals out there who are starting to be prepared, would live to hear from you.


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  1. Just started trying to prep myself. It seems we are running out of time. Got some emergency kits and the like and have some pretty good HAM radios on the way. make sure to get a HAM radio. That might be our only way of getting or receiving news. Make sure to keep in touch my friend.
    Milo in Ambler

  2. Former prepper, getting back into it looking for like minded individuals, I am in the Phila. area.