Feb 182017

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Hi, my name is Cory. I’m 35, live on the Plateau and am a former soldier, an avid gardener, a brewer and a prepper for several years now. I am looking into organizing a prepper/survivalist group/community in the City of Montreal, and wish to meet other like minded people, anglais ou francais, who wish to collaborate and discuss this topic. If you’re not willing to meet and discuss, or open to potentially planning for possible economic, environmental and/or climatic cataclysms in the near future than don’t bother replying. I am only interested in meeting serious minded, mature adults, who are well informed, open minded and knowledgeable about survivalism and prepping in general. If this sounds like you, and you wish to network and possibly meet with other like minded preppers in Montreal, then please send me a reply and introduce yourself.

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  1. Hello Cory,
    I am the owner/operator of the Canadian Preppers Network. I operate a blog and discussion forum for Canadian Preppers. I usually organize a coffee meet and greet in Montreal every spring if you’re interested. I would like to know more about what you have in mind in regards to a group.

  2. Hi Denob. Nice to hear from you. Sure! I’d be interested in attending a meet and greet in spring. I’m trying to organize something similar in Montreal through meetup.com.

  3. Hi guys I am in Moncton New Brunswick and I am looking for a similar in my area but have an idea what I would like to share with you guys. Denob what is forum you have?

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