May 182022

Hello, my wife and I currently live in West Michigan, but after denying it for a couple years, are finally feeling the strong pull to the Ozarks. We don’t know anyone down there, and all I know is from YouTube Homesteaders (and Bear Independent/PJ viking prep) and reading on the internet. We’ve been praying heavily and are trusting His timing.

We are committed to stay in MI until next spring (work contract, small excavating company) but are really liking the sounds of MO. We figured we’d get a small place before we settle on to a homestead (probably from raw land, idk we’ll see where God leads us), so we can see the area and network. Things are getting expensive here, and land is scarce. Sounds cheaper and slowed down down there (I work 6 days a week and haven’t much to show for it, getting burnt out amd frustrated).

We have gardening and food preservation knowledge (we apartment-stead veggies and quail, LARGE garden out of town), have hunting/fishing hobbies, both handy (I’ve worked trades and done diesel tech on trucks/equipment), comfortable around firearms, etc. Looking to Homestead w/ intent to plug in to local community and prep/network for when things get sketchy. End-of-the-World eschatology aside, things are gonna be hairy here for a few years and MI doesn’t enable to live that way. We might have the greater family tribe follow us w/in a few years.

Weither there are current groups on here, or elsewhere please feel free to get in touch with us or would be grateful to get nuudged in the right direction.

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  1. Hi Nathan,
    I don’t think you have time to wait until next spring. Check out a video by Deep South Homestead on YouTube called “What’s it going to take to open your eyes?” He explains how the current diesel shortage will lead to the collapse of the US economy. By Christmas you may not have gasoline available to get out of Michigan. Some are predicting food riots in the US this fall. You have to get out now before the stores in the Ozarks run out of supplies for setting up your homestead. I do believe that moving there is the right thing to do. I think it’s one of the “chosen” places where people can survive. There are videos on by “An Old Man In A Chair”. He believes we’ve got about eight months to stop the psychopaths who rule the world. If we don’t stop them, we’re done. It would be good for you to be in the Ozarks because I don’t think the bad guys will be stopped .