Aug 122016

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We are a small Christian group in N.E. Colorado. We would like to find like minded Christians to join us. We are totally prepared. Our mindset to prepping is “Keep It Simple”. Good location, easily defended, good water, and garden.

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  1. can you email me more info [email protected] mother of 4 and we all have skills

    • I sent an email hope you got it.

    • Hello crumsaver,
      I am a bible believing Christian. I believe in a young creation which took place in 6 days somewhere between 5 to 6 thousand years ago. I think this is very important because it is the foundation Christ laid out from the beginning.
      I have a lot of different skills but I’m one of those people you can say is a Jack of All Trade but a master of none. I have computer skills and am certified with both an A+ certificate in computer repair and a MOS in Access. Both of these certificates are rather old and the industry in any event changes rapidly but I recently was going to community college and improved my skills some.
      Those may or may not be of any use but I have other skills and some of my own tools that can be of help in a “Prepping” situation. I’m living in Hawaii at the moment and was planning on moving to Alaska but nothing is written in stone. I wish to avoid the lower 48 because it is my belief it will be impossible to avoid detection if it ever comes down to needing to.
      I would like to know more about your project and possibly even staying in touch and keeping our options open it could even be a sister haven. In my opinion being Christians is the most important thing that we have in common and we should make every effort to support each other in the hard times to come.
      Yours very truly,

  2. Hello, my husband and I have been prepping for 10 years. We are looking to sell our home and move to prep near likeminded Christians. Please contact us, so we can learn more about one another. Thank you! 🙂 Please contact us at [email protected]

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