Aug 212017

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It took a lot of discussion to decide to do this, but we are open to accepting new members in the North Georgia area, specifically in the Gainesville area. We are not a vocal group, as is we are as low key as possible, and we expect any new members to follow that rule. Any new member will be on a probationary basis until voted in as a full member.

If you are interested, please PM me

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  1. I might be interested! I contacted 2 other groups; seemed like they were full of it!!! ONE GUY::WE GOT 500 ACRES BUT YOU CANT COME ON IT!! OK THANKS!!!

  2. Would like to hear more info on your group. I am a Marine vet. Construction, plumbing, electrical and well.. lots of different things. Reside in the Dawsonville area.

    camyanky327 [at] live [dot] com

  3. Hello. I’m not sure how to send this as a PM. I recently posted in NC, TN, VA, MO looking for a group to join. I am very particular and not wanting just any group. Please take a quick look at my recent posting to see a bit about me. I realize that I gave up quite a bit of info on my post, but being in Maine and seeking to move i am not really to worried. When it comes to anyone within 500 miles of me I don’t use my email as it can give away to much about me and I am very careful. In other words I keep my mouth shut. We are fully prepped for three + years. I plan to move in December after my work season slows down. But would need to plan now to do so.

  4. I don’t see a way to PM you but I live in Gainesville and I am interested in joining a group or at least befriending other preppers in my area. I fully expect you to be wary and cautious of anyone new to you and your group when it comes to disclosing anything related to prepping as I am with anyone new to me. I am originally from Texas and other than a coworker that lives almost 2 hours away (and took us almost 2 years to find out we were both preppers) I do not know any other preppers in this state much less this area. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing where this goes, until then I hope everything goes well for you and I’ll keep plugging away.

  5. just moved to the area , just on the other side of the lake from gainsville.
    Looking to meet exchange ideas and meet like minded people.
    It has taken years but final have gotten the wife on board.
    please email as I am not on this webpage often.
    Thank you