Jan 192020


We are a Christian family (with military and LEO) with a homestead of just under 100 acres in NE Texas, approximately ~100 miles from Dallas-TX, Texarkana-AR, Shreveport-LA and Atoka-OK. Not a militia or compound.

We have house, barn, guest houses, storage buildings, etc. We have fall back communities, but want to build a strong community on our existing ranch. This would be an opportunity for individuals or families to prep on our land. This is not an offer to provide free housing or financial support for individuals or families. Beautiful property with creeks, ponds and 25+acres of pasture for gardens, fruit trees, woods, plenty of wild game and training range. Hidden hollow on dead end gravel county road. Interested people please contact txexit at protonmail.

Thank You!

  3 Responses to “NE Texas Homestead Seeks Members”

  1. I’ve written to you. May I get a reply?

  2. Just bought 30 acres in NE Texas area. Looking for like minded people that are interested in prepping. To share ideas, and create a community to support others in the same life style. We are also about an hour east of Dallas on 30 and hour west of Texarkana on 30. Looking to start ham radio coms, food storage, gardening and self reliance mentality. While having others to strengthen the ability to be self reliant and to have help should we need it.

  3. Forgot to mention that I am also retired military. Hobbies include blacksmithing, welding, and wood working. Trying to make our selves self reliant with not going to town to buy anything. Just now starting a wood mill from the trees on the prop. The wife is VOIP engineer and has worked in radio communications, hence the ham radio in the above post. We are Christians and looking for like mind people.