Jun 302016

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Hello, we are located 2 hours north of Spokane. Originally from Seattle, moved here years ago to get away from the heavy population. We are looking for another family or individuals to join together with us in the event of a crisis.

We have housing infrastructure in place, gardens, orchard, chickens, off-grid power, defensive positions and back up water sources. We would also be interested in hearing from other groups that are out there.

Also those in Idaho or Montana feel free to reply but please only if you live or are willing to move to within roughly 75 miles of Newport WA.

Please private message us if you are interested and we can exchange email addresses. Thanks

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  1. You copy my last?

  2. Please email me when you get a chance, I’d like to talk

    [email protected]

    Bryan P.

  3. Hello JS , like your comment about looking for fellow peppers in north eastern wash, we live near Athol idaho so we are right around the 75 mile vicinity, we too looking for small likeminded fellow peppers to share experiences with and bug out or bug in with. Let us know if you want to communicate would love to chat . Armyprep7

  4. NE Washington Spokane Group. I am interested in relocating am a Christian, live on Camano Island, need to get out of this area ! Please advise.

  5. Js47783, if you are ever on the west side of the state, feel free to come to Eastside Preppers. https://www.meetup.com/EastSidePreppers/

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