Oct 222021

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A family that is prepping as best as possible for the Great Reset that is about to come down around our heads. We are non-vaxers and will continue to be non-vaxers. We are looking for the same minded people in our area that love our country and are willing to defend with help from others from the “evil zombies” that are coming.  If you are looking to join a group or a group looking for additional members and you have good morals, we may be a good fit.  We are fairly well established where we are located and could be a temporary haven for some that are looking to escape the city but you must have your own basic supplies.  There is potential safety in numbers.  If interested, send a message.

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  1. We are about to settle down in Cochise County-would love to get to know local prepares-we are from Texas.

  2. Hello,
    Your post resonates a lot with me and my wife. We are in our early ’40 and we’re beginner preppers. We feel like there’s little time left until they accomplish all the Great Reset objectives, and we need to find urgently a group of think-a-like people to have a better survival chance together. I’m from Romania and I recognise communism when I see it.
    We live in Chandler but we can visit you in Tucson area to say hi and have a chat. Are you ok with us not having a high level skills yet?
    Thank you!