Dec 042021

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I am a single Mom, overwhelmed and exhausted! I left Ontario a year ago in search for our safe haven and we have had to run from 2 abusive landlords and now have only been in Kimberley 1 month and I feel the effects of radiation fallout! I need a community or group of preppers to help lighten the load. I come with many skills and tools. I am well versed in real estate, property managing, renovations, construction, some gardening skills. I am a definite asset to a team, but have yet to find our place. Please help….I cannot do it on my own anymore. I need help! I’m a mover and a shaker so reach out if you would like to chat. I am only looking for somewhere safe out of the radioactive zones so Eastern most part of BC. Thank you. <3

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  1. Hello, We are in the Cariboo region of BC, how many children do you have? What are there ages and what exactly are you looking for, long term or short term?
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  2. It’s time to get really serious about our future.
    Please contact me … [email protected]