Dec 252018

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Hi everyone, I’m new to the site and in search of a group in Luzerne County Pennsylvania.

I’m currently looking for a new homestead, Im expanding my preps and looking for like minded people to learn from.

I bring 22 years of military background, carpentry skills, medical training, process food storage, Bush craft and other skill sets. Mind you I’m opened minded and need to learn a lot more.

Perhaps someone out there can help me. Looking forward to meeting you.

  4 Responses to “Need Assistance”

  1. What was your mos?

  2. 31k , 11B, and 13B

  3. Hello, I’m in your area, not sure if your still looking for others to learn or prepare with!
    I believe we all need each other in these times, that we are observing today. Email me and maybe we can get together…. Thank you!

  4. Hi Eric check your email.