Apr 032020

Have a spare cabin for someone who wants to trade homestead chores for a secure place for the summer at least.

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  1. Where are you located?

    • Extreme NE corner of CA. You?

      • i’m currently in Vegas, but I’ve been all over Northern Cali. From Red Bluff, Arcata, Fortuna, etc. I used to work as a Cannabis Broker for some farms in Northern Cali and was their marketing coordinator and business manager. I love the area, but the area is so hilly and very rocky ground make it extremly difficult to grow anything, so I opted to look in other areas to settle. What’s your situation and what do you need help with?


  2. Interesting. I’m retired, have a remote off-grid homestead in the high desert. Not into pot growing, just off-grid living style. Main help would be finishing out a little cabin in a private corner of the property, water line, helping to split wood, mow, brush, fence repair & build, odds & ends, property security just be being an additional person around. Rough roads, good off-grid neighborhood, town is about 14 miles. Gardening available, well water, needs some line laid.

    Right now the county is in semi-lockdown, out of county visitors being asked to quarantine for 2 weeks. Not sure how long that will last. but the people seem to be in favor at least for now.

  3. Hi, I’m Joshua. I’m a grunt and a worker. I am prior military and a prison guard for 10 years. Looking to leave the life in the city and be in the woods. I am a hard worker and would love to come out and join your team.

  4. Yes Sir,

    I am the guy you are looking for. If Packmule and gypsywolfprincess came out, We have a unit and a good skillset. We need gypsywolfes skills too. We will just need to give him/her more food at lunch. HaHa. Just playing. I Love to laugh.