Dec 152020

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I am new to this site and to the prepper concept.  I never knew that this would happen in my lifetime.  I feel totally unprepared and not sure what to do first. Wish I had been on board 20 years ago doing/learning this stuff.   I was recently overseas and needed to come back (visa expired).  Currently staying with relatives in blue New York.  I do not want to stay in a blue state – nor NY, was hoping for a red state – open to anyplace with a good prepper community, was thinking maybe Texas, Tennessee, Idaho to move to.  Not sure what would be the safest/best place.  Need suggestions.  I would like to find a group that I can learn from – since I never got that training in my life.  I am good at cooking/baking, etc.  I hope someone can message me with suggestions.  Thank you…


  1. Hi there, It is good you are waking up. The time to start learning about and actually doing some prepping is right now. Everyone starts somewhere sometime to learn skills.
    Find the prepper forum associated with this site and start reading the posts.
    Study other sites as well and take some things with a grain of salt but the more you read the more you will learn and be able to pick out facts.
    Can you cook and bake with basic foods like wheat berries and TVP? Great, and if you don’t by all means study how to right now.
    Are you working two jobs right now? that is one way to learn what it takes to be a prepper in these times if you don’t have bags of money.
    Message me if you want more info, time is short.

  2. Finding groups is extremely difficult. Most people are asleep, or they have already made their group quite some time ago. Yes, definitely get out of the NE and blue areas. Personally, I think going west of the Mississippi is a better plan (less populated), but each area has its pros and cons. Definitely stay in a red state as you will more likely find people who are constitutionalists and/or more inclined to take action to defend rights and/or help others instead of create problems for others. Dollar stores are great for getting some very basic preps in the area of first aid, sterno, batteries, vaseline, etc. Get some of each AREA/SUBJECT of preps to start, don’t concentrate in just one or two area, then grow as much and as fast as you can. Pay cash, won’t be tracked with what you buy. Some things you might not be able to if you want some things in mail order bulk, but try to limit your exposure. If you can’t find a group, then pick a cheap rural area to move to that can support your living, and dig in and make friends/neighbors.

  3. Hi… my name’s Brian.
    I read ur post and it would seem u and I have quite a bit in common. I, too, never thought I would live to see the day… but as in so many other things in life, I was mistaken.
    I’m the regional manager of a large repossession company based in Oklahoma City. They sent me here to Little Rock 4 years ago. In that time I’ve watched and have witnessed enough to convince me of what’s coming.
    I am ex-military. I served in Vicenza, Italy as part of the Southern European Special Task Force (4th325th) Airborne. I’ve earned my Combat Inf Badge (CIB) with wreaths in Granada, Panama, and Lebanon and was on part of the Iranian force that took back the hostages released when Reagan took office. I lived in Oregon where I isolated into the Cascade Mountains for weeks at a time to deal with the nightmares and guilt associated with those experiences. That was a long time ago. But the atrocities that I seen in those places are real. Most Americans can’t imagine the evil people are capable of because we have been so pampered and insulated from the rest of the world. Someone once said that NOBODY cherishes liberty and freedom as much as someone who has fought for it someplace where there was none.
    With that said, let me tell u what I’ve done. For the past 3 years, on my humble earnings, I have a small arsenal of weapons. From bladed weapons and tools to .380, 9mm, .45, 5.56, and 300 blackouts with thousands of rounds of ammunition. I have a dry food cache to last 6-8 people 3 months or better, and because u would be AMAZED at the things people leave in their vehicles up for repo… I have many many barter things all high end and all useful. Enough gear for 8 people including but not limited to body armor, packs, sleeping systems, clothing, boots and shoes, coats, u name it, I’ve got at least 2. I have a 4×4 truck reliable as they come, a 4 wheeler, hunting tree stands, water purification systems and storage, utility trailer, generator, solar chargers, and just bought 6 acres of pristine, off grid property in the Ozarks with a pond and spring fed creek 15 miles north of Arkansas and 20 minutes east of Bulls Shoals. The day after Christmas I go to Oklahoma to secure a form for making large underground dome buildings 27′ in diameter. I have more than $6000 cash on hand and $4000 more in research for whatever else I may need to make it all come together. It’s just my daughter, her 2 daughters, and her husband and myself. He’s a hard working smart young man and she’s a can. I’m a welder by trade, but became the repo man 6 years ago. We need help. We will need eyes and ears and brains to survive. U can text me at 918402zerosevensevenseven. Good luck. We’re all gonna need it.

  4. wish you were in
    WV over 100 mountainous acres springs originate on land
    [email protected]

  5. Interested in Wyoming? Read my posting about a small ranch in Wyoming and get back to my if it looks interesting to you. I recently redid my 2 bedroom apartment so have a place for you immeadiately if desired.
    God Bless,