Feb 062017

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Hi, Im from Montreal. Since years I am thinking of leaving the non-sense life of sleep-work-pay bills and the sick beat of the city. I am ready to move and I have money on the side, and a business that can give me enough freedom to start a “off grid” project, buy a land, of whatever the plan is. I want to meet people with motivation and a way of thinking close to mine. I am quick, I learn fast, I have a lot of life experiences. I have motivation, energy, strength, I don t take drugs or have dependence problem. I am a good hearted and very generous person. I believe in God and have a strong spirituality, but I am not radical, I keep my faith for my self or for the ones who want me to share it with them and I respect the faith of others. I don t even where a cross. I want to meet clean and strong people for a project, not some hippie new agey opportunists, or left radicals. I am ready to meet people anytime. Contact me n.emond @ outlook dot com for more infos or discuss. Another contact: n.emond (at) live dot fr. I speak perfectly french and some spanish.

Can t wait to meet new people!

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  1. Plese feel free to contact me if you’re serious. Ive had numerous bad encounters with people that are more interested in what religion I follow rather than the goal at hand. [email protected]

  2. I’m new here. And am looking to join or start a PG in St Catharines, Ontario area as well as communicate ideas with other Preppers local, in other Provinces or other.
    I’m up on World events and the dangers rapidly approaching possibly as soon as this October, so time may be short.

    Can do basic communications here but after initial contact with an interest in communicating on a regular basis, I would prefer to use ‘OpenOffice” Encrypted files through email.

    Religion or religious beliefs is not a factor for me, survival is. Contact me so we can discuss mutual interests. RSF

  3. Many Preppers are Christians, because they see the signs of the end times.
    But regardless, making a group is not about beating anyone over the head with
    a Bible. As long as they aren’t in a Jihad, Cult, or Extreme, then they are welcome in my camp. I am much into organic crops. About 1,000 organic Heirloom Tomato
    seedling on the grow right now. They smell so sweet. About 60 varieties. Mmmm
    Need a home for them. LOL.

    Let’s chat soon.


    salvationcanada [at] mail [dot] com

  4. I would love to talk with you to see if we could work together on a project. I am a Cristian, and became one because of my research into what is happening in this world. I do not believe there is any stopping what is happening, only preparing. I do not prepare to face what is coming with any sense of fear or anxiety, only single minded purpose. My research has been extensive. Over the last 6 years this research has been my full time job. I have spent well over 10000 hours pouring through documents, documentaries, scientific and economic conferences, history books etc. It became quite clear that the coincidences I was seeing (a few at first and then thousands) are not simply coincidences but clear evidence of design. I do not prepare to save my own skin but to help others who will be totally unprepared for what is coming.

    [email protected]

    Contact me if interested

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