Aug 132021

Looking for support to move my family of three to get out. Looking for like minded people to work as a team to sustain a community. I am an aircraft mechanic and meat cutter are some of my skills. I can reverse engineer quite well. Looking to be support, I am also a gardener from my farm days.

  2 Responses to “Need to group up”

  1. Hi there, what is your general area now and where are you looking to be? I mention that because where I live in montana some folks are put off by the temperature variation.
    Good luck finding some place and others, sometimes the person who is aware is the one others can congregate around.

    Remember a cup of dry rice has over 600 calories. My spahgetti squash from last year lasted till july of this year stored in a root cellar.

  2. Good afternoon, we are in North Carolina. What are you looking for?
    Thank you. M. Like