Oct 262017

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My mother passed away august 26th of this year.i no longer can afford to live in this rent house. now every thing is getting shut off, to getting canceled. Because of this. It’s time for me to move from this rent house.and into a permanent place.at least for now,it looks like I need to sell the only transportation I have to get out of debt.i’ve stocked up on at least,  3 to 6 months of food.among other item’s.i have tools. So I can help with home/auto repairs, to whatever.i have experience in plumbing, small amount in construction and roofing.i have 2 dog’s.a chauauha, and a Pomeranian.. Their both great people lovers. I prefer to stay away from the big cities.but yet, willing to move outside of one of I feel it’s safe enough in a worse case scenario.

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  1. Wow Jim, I am very sorry to hear that =(

  2. Thanks. I just hope that I can find someone who could use/want/need a extra pair of hands.

  3. Hi…PM me and let’s talk if you’re still looking for a place

  4. Bamabell7.just in case it didn’t go through the other day. I sent a pm..

  5. Well I’m a few steps closer to having things rid, that I won’t be keeping. Got insurance on the car. Managed to get a lol bit of money to speak of. Now just to find some place to move to

  6. Well.im moving into a housing authority place later on in the week.been packing the last few days.my Chihuahua had a littir of pups.pluss i taljed with guy about trading my moms car for a truck earlier today.he said to give him 2 or 3 days.abd he’ll see what he can do.if anything.