Oct 202017

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Hi, I am pretty new to prepping. With the recent threats from the North Korea, I have started a small group. We have started putting away supplies, we have enough right now to feed 5 people for 6 months. We do not have a bunker, but we do have a secret place to go if SHTF. My husband is a mechanic and can fix and weld anything. He also is a handy man, he can build a house from the ground up. I have my bachelors in computer science, a lot of good that will do me if anything does happen but I also have other skills. I am a skilled fighter, I can sew, farm, cook anything from anything. Advanced problem solving skills and I could lead a group effectively. I can think fast and provide solutions that work to keep people alive. I have back up plans to my back up plans. Literally, printed out.

Looking for honest, hardworking people. People that will work together under extreme stress and not turn on each other. People that are loyal, who look to work forward, not backward.  I would like to start a new group so that we may learn and grow/prepare together. Interested, email me @[email protected]

fyi           http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/19/politics/north-korea-officials-mash-up/index.html

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  1. I would also like to add that we also have medical/first aide training.

  2. Hello there,

    I know your post is a bit old. My name is Jim and my family and I live in Honesdale. I’m in Wayne County. Please email me if you would like [email protected].

    In addition to being interested in prepping privately, I am the Wayne county chapter point of contact for the Pennsylvania oath keepers, as well as the eastern director for the state.

    You can check out their website also. I will first meeting for the fall will be on September 9 of this year. Would love to chat and compare notes.

    Thanks, have a great weekend

  3. Hi April,

    I am very interested in joining a group or M.A.G. especially with the current situation going on in this country. You can contact me at [email protected].

    Thanks and looking forward to chatting.