Aug 222017

Good morning all, my name is Billy. I was looking for people to network with in regards to prepping. I’m not new to prepping but do still have a lot to learn. The wife and I are stationed in Yuma Arizona, but we are originally from GA. I love talking to preppers and sharing ideas. Please feel free to PM Regardless of where your located. “Stay humble”.

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  1. Hi Billy,
    If you are stationed in Yuma, I’m guessin that you are a Marine?? Semper Fi
    I’ll be in Yuma in February for the hamfest at the fairgrounds. My home is in Minnesota, I spend the winter in Arizona.
    I’d love to spend some time and share ideas.

    [email protected],com

  2. Also see the forum associated with this group.

  3. Hello from South/Central Ga. where we are about to dodge a Cat 5 storm.

  4. Billy – am presently in FL with background in NC TN Appalachia, Fresno, and in Canada.

    Experienced Prepper, vast background – contact me so we can chat.

  5. Hi Billy – I’m an Arizona native. Been a prepper for awhile, always looking to share thoughts and ideas with others. I’m an herbalist so my strength lies in plants. Would love some thoughts on current events.