Aug 222017

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Good morning all, my name is Billy. I was looking for people to network with in regards to prepping. I’m not new to prepping but do still have a lot to learn. The wife and I are stationed in Yuma Arizona, but we are originally from GA. I love talking to preppers and sharing ideas. Please feel free to PM Regardless of where your located. “Stay humble”.

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  1. Hi Billy,
    If you are stationed in Yuma, I’m guessin that you are a Marine?? Semper Fi
    I’ll be in Yuma in February for the hamfest at the fairgrounds. My home is in Minnesota, I spend the winter in Arizona.
    I’d love to spend some time and share ideas.

    [email protected],com

  2. Also see the forum associated with this group.

  3. Hello from South/Central Ga. where we are about to dodge a Cat 5 storm.

  4. Billy – am presently in FL with background in NC TN Appalachia, Fresno, and in Canada.

    Experienced Prepper, vast background – contact me so we can chat.

  5. Hi Billy – I’m an Arizona native. Been a prepper for awhile, always looking to share thoughts and ideas with others. I’m an herbalist so my strength lies in plants. Would love some thoughts on current events.

  6. Hello everyone! I’m a Phoenix native who’s main prep is knowledge and construction experience. I just started a group on facebook called Arizona Prepping Network for like minded individuals in the state. I have a lot that I can bring to the table. Have a great night!

  7. We lived & worked at the Army facility in Yuma for nearly 20 years, moving to Tucson on retirement… Years back there was a group in Yuma that met once a month at the Denny’s in the foothills, I never attended though. Look thru other prepper forums.

    In the Greater Tucson area there are two groups of varying membership that more or less meet monthly.
    Southern Arizona Preppers.
    Meetings tend to be at the Mission Library and/or the Nanini Library, although we have now had three sessions at the Coco’s on Oracle just north of Ina.
    Oath Keepers for southern Arizona.
    Most sessions are at the U-Like Buffet, on Oracle just north of River Rd, typicall on the 3rd Saturday of the month, officially starting at 1300, but if you want to eat arrive earlier, aiming for the food to be done before the meeting. The local Oath Keepers is in the process of changing their online presence, so right now no direct link is available. If you want to be put on the email notice list let me know.

  8. hey buddy, thank you for serving this great nation. I did as well quite some time ago. trying to meet other preppers as i’m all alone here in winslow. hit me up if you’d like to chat…