Jan 042017

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New to the site by not to prepping. Been doing it since 2008. Log Cabin, built from the land. Off-grid with Solar, Micro-hydro and generator. Gardening, cutting wood and living life. Always looking to exchange information and make connections. Drop me a message. Thanks

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  1. Hey Vtprepper, Sounds like you have a nice little slice of heaven up there. We live on a small river in MA and have been prepping for a couple of years now as well. Would like to hear from you and exchange notes.

    • Hello I saw your message on the proper sight and I’m just starting to prep and I single female and I am looking for other people to connect with I live in Massachusetts.

      My email is. [email protected]

  2. hi vtprepper, om looking for a place to prep woth a family or comunity sounds like you have a nice thing going im a fabricater inventer hot rodder for hobby but for trade om a carpenter boats and house for 35 yrs ret/disabled army 82nd airborne was in 4 yrs went saudi made it back burned on jump but i have alot of skill to offer if shtf cannong butchering smoking have good homemade smoker house small one 2’x2’x8′ works awsome propane or wood fire have tig machine arc welder compressor torches ect my 2 sons 22 and 24 will ne with me when comes down and off and on until one son alot but ive got good income till gov croaks but if your looking for someone that is made for this been planning this my whole life just slow getting to it but learning all the skills i could i mean give me a email and love to chat woth you dont drink smoke pot drugs nothing but no problem with others doing it if they arent to loud and ignorant lol o have a jack russell mix mut cool dude anyways let me know

  3. also dont know how many you want to have there but a freind of mine and his family woild like to add to this as well he has homand wofe 14yr daughter and 4yr son hell of a welder carpenter what not farmer gardeners what they do thanks richard

  4. oh vtprepper im from mt dessert maine born bread father vermont island pond kk ttyl hopefully

  5. Live in Massachusetts looking to connect with other peppers. My background is conservation work EMT firefighting ambulance Rescue Squad. Volunteer police work .Working with chain saws and axes, some farming some construction. Always been an outdoors type.

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