Jan 062019

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Hi All, my name is Riccardo and I am an italian guy permanently relocating to NH next March for work ( will rent a home in Salem NH the first year while searching a suitable property to build a home somewhere in southern NH in 2020).

I am 42yo from Rome where I started prepping 2 years ago. Due to the mediterranean climate of Rome I learned a lot about growing vegetables and fruit and canning them to preserve the products , I work in a renewable energies company so I know a thing or two about them and I have been volunteer in Italian Red Cross for several years so I am quite skilled in first aid. Guns enthusiast , I try to train with them as much as possible (once a week more or less) both with handguns, Ar15 and long range shooting with my M1a up to 500m. For the rest I consider myself a handyman , that can do a lot of things (actually I did most of the works of plumbing , electricity and so on in the house I live now in Italy).

So now I have to leave everything behind and start a brand new life in USA, but I want to resume as soon as possible my preparedeness and I would like to start to connect with like-minded people in the surroundings. If anyone is interested my mail is : [email protected]

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  1. Hi Riccardo
    I am also in the NE US , Northern Ct . I tried for many years to put a group together or hook up with one here . Not many people interested in any group activities up here . They all think they will be just fine going the ” lone wolf ” route . Met a few nice folks who are just interested in paying bills day to day , and a few morons also whos plan is to “kill ” preppers and live off the bounty .

    Would be interested in how you make out .

    Anyhow welcome to the US and good luck .

    • Thanks a lot for your welcome….well the picture is not awesome it seems… lol.

      I am not willing to join a commune or the likes , I value indipendence and self reliance, but I also know that while you can go “lone wolf” during good times, in SHTF the lone wolf attitude may pay in the very short period but not in the long run since you can’t do everything on your own… also the goal is to try to thrive and not only to survive.
      My Ideal would be to find a community where everyone has is own privacy and individual space but that can collaborate if the need arise…

      as for the rogue preppers…. well I am not sure that after a SHTF strangers with bad attitude will be welcomed warmly by anyone….

  2. Yes I agree with what you said . I also do not want to join a commune , rather have a group of like minded folks who will pull together if the need arises . This is good for both good and bad times . I tried to start a barter network , a group for info and training and a just get to know your neighbors here . Nothing ever took off .

    Give me a shout when you move here , maybe we can at least try the barter network again .

  3. If you are living in new hampshire now or you are still moving I’d like to chat about prepping ideas [email protected]

  4. I’m in the upper valley area of NH. I am trying to put together a self sufficient lifestyle figuring at some point things are going to go crazy. I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to come visit.