Dec 282017

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Hello, just found this site, I see not much traffic here so won’t be surprised if no response. I’m in South central KY (Barren county) not really looking to join a group but sure would be nice to exchange ideas and info with like minded people, looks like we’re few and far between.

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  1. Even tho people are spread out or non communicative it is still worth finding a few like minded folks. Also check out the prepper forum affiliated with this site You will see a bit more going on.

    • Sooo does it take a different password at the prepper forum‘s than it does here?

      • Yes, just follow the tips or ask an admin. The system is a bit non user friendly for me but free is nice.

        Check out the info at the top of the page you are reading this on.

        is for posting contacts. This is where you are now. If you want to start or join a group, create a post here. In order to do that, you will need an account: you register here. (all posts are deleted after 2 years in an effort to keep the information and contact details current – we found a lot of older posts were returning emails as user unknown)
        More information: What’s proper to post, what’s not || Getting Started || Are you press/media?

  2. You’re probably not far from where I spent some time as a younger man. It was a great place. They gave me free room and board, free clothes (although they were all green) and $87.50 a month. Those were the days!
    Welcome to the site.
    Always glad to chat.

  3. Hi, glad to see your post, from Arizona here. always looking to talk to fellow preppers. Feel free to email just to say hey. [email protected]

  4. Hey, I am new here as well. Fayette County here. Been involved for a few years now. Looking to chat with others.

    • Hello KAngel, nice to hear from someone new, not sure where Fayette county is East of Barren county? Anyway not much happening here been in touch with Mizery some, tried to access the prepper forum they made it difficult enough I gave up yeah I’m not real peuter savvy maybe a little technically challenged guess that’s why I hate my smart phone. Anyway if ya wanna chat! OH just noticed your another early riser!

      • Registering on the forum is difficult???

        The ‘prove you’re not a bot’ questions ask things like “How many inches are in a foot?”

        Not that hard. You could even google it if you don’t know the answer.

      • Hey talob. Fayette County is central Kentucky, Lexington, KY. I am having issues with trying to find how to get onto the Kentucky Preppers Group as well.

  5. Nice to see someone in my area on here for a change, I’m not online very often so I haven’t been back here in a while. I’m down near the lake out past Haywood if you’ve ever been around Glasgow.

  6. Hi Faith, yeah looks like I’m not far from ya, go past/through Haywood all the time when I go to town take back roads& 31E into town from Dry Fork (Austin address).

  7. i live around lake cumberland. Would be interested in networking some.