Jan 092017

hi I’m new to this group, and would like to see if anyone was interested in starting a meeting group to talk , plan,  maybe train and  have monthly meetings .I have a 160 ac farm outside of Grantsville WV   to train on if interested , I hold belts in 3 martial arts and would be willing to train self defense

  2 Responses to “new in Calhoun Co West Virginia looking to start a group”

  1. hello am also looking for like minded people if still interested in starting a meeting group,please contact me. I am interested in meeting new individuals to further improve my and their skills and knowledge

    my e-mail is ronboley619 [at] yahoo [dot] com

    I live about 20 miles north of Marietta but travel to Marietta daily

  2. To vellomike. Hey. My name is kenn. Yes im interested sounds great. Ive been preppin n stackin for 2 yrs now. Pls contact me klkennlebov [at] gmail [dot] com. thx for reaching out