May 182021

Hi all I guess I have similar concerns with many of you here, I’m looking to protect my family and live the best life we can under any circumstances, I now live in California ground zero for crazy social policies I’m looking to join forces and resources with normal rational like minded families to purchase land and build a self sustaining community. Any information from members would be appreciated.

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  1. welcome to this board,,a lot of us in livermore area,, where are you located and what skills can you contribuet ? advise,,, best regards

  2. Are you going to stay in california? Just asking with what is going on and what appears to be coming up. Hope you have a good water source. We really love it here in montana, gun rights, republican govenor and legislature.
    If you want to buy land, even with others be prepared for crazy prices if you want to live someplace other than calif.
    Message me if you want to hear some first hand experience with developing raw land to be livable. [email protected]