Jul 022017

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Family group looking to expand it’s members. PM me or reply below for further info..

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  1. I am in Northern Utah and am interested

  2. I and my wife are currently located in South Carolina with the plans to move back to the western slope of Colorado in the next few months.The exact time is not set yet as we need to sell our current home and purchase there. I am hoping to connect with other preppers along the Colorado/Utah state line for at least a MAG relationship. Finding a group to join would be better.

    We are in our early 60’s. Both former Army. I served just over 20 years, the wife did two. We both are fairly well equipped for self defense, have basic medical supplies to include meds, one year + of food for the two of us, have limited solar equipment and a small generator, off grid laundry system, clothing and footwear for one year +, I have some medical training (mostly informal training, but also Red Cross Certifications), We also have a good inventory of skills and knowledge that comes from our experience.