Feb 112018

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Howdy I’m Walt need interested partys person persons family to help with property to make preparations for future events . Must be Christian ,I purchased property rural deming N.M I has 2 trailers .Water electric .But would be nicer with earthship bale earth homes /hothouse gardens /goats /chicken /anamals/solor /need /persons ,family that want to help with project.In trade for safty/land/ life/joy /please only Christians equally yoked please/ need security watchman or watchlady. I’m starting a group a democracy a likeminded group of Christian preppers if you think your interested send me email .With as much info as possable please we are running out of time people thank you Walt rural christian prepper 4fatdogsman [at] gmail [dot] com five seven five four zero five zero zero four six call text call or email thx

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  1. I walter ford have been attacked by someone filtering my incoming emails and phonecalls I do believe that all Christians and preppers are being watched by a enity with evil intents I wont say it but u know big brother is watching deming property if you are interested in Christian bug out camp its codornez off marina off cyote off franklin off 549 rember follow the paved road its 17345 codornez look it uo on zillo deming pic of trailer and map thanks good luck w

  2. I apologize for the incorrect email [email protected]