Jan 142017

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New member of the prepping community looking to join with other survival-oriented people in the southwest area. Currently in NM, able to travel. Own my own weapons and a small gear stockpile. Unable to stockpile any great quantity of food and water due to living space restrictions and lack of funding. Humans are social animals who, despite being *able* to survive alone, function best in groups. I’m just looking for somewhere I can help out.

Skills: decent marksman, moderate first aid experience, several years’ backpacking experience. Former boy scout and ROTC cadet. Employed as a chemistry assistant in an electroplating shop for 4 years. Some minor communications and electrical experience. Helped build 2 houses in the Las Cruces area, know my way around manual labor construction a fair bit.

If anyone in the southwest area has an existing group that could use an extra set of working hands, with a halfway decent brain attached, please let me know.


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  1. I’m in deming new mexico just bought place about 12 miles from mexico in deming new ,mexico need help have land structures water generator some solar trailers need help setting up secure camp 17325 cordornez deming new nex look up zillo for address directions my mail /cell /comp are all being filteres I found out this is happening to many any interested parties welcome or send letter to box 45. 513 w pine deming 88030

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