Oct 162020

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I’m an Army veteran that just recently got married and am looking to get into prepping and looking for a good group to join or someone that wants to start as well

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  1. Hello. We are a prepping couple living in NC. We’ve been prepping for a while on our own, but am hoping to find like-minded people.

  2. Hello, looking for like-minded people to join our group.
    email me at [email protected]

  3. Looking to join a group of Christians who believe in working as a team to feed and protect each other.
    I am vet and has worked as a nurse assistance.

  4. Would you consider contacting me so we could talk
    Here’s my email [email protected]

  5. Relocating to western S. Carolina. Looking for a good sane group of people. I’m old school as they say and tho raised in the nortb, itz just never been for me. I’m ready to get back to the land be self sufficie t a d learn more about the basics and about wbat god gave us.
    Does any one know of a group? New here. Thanks