Oct 142016

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All,  Some great posts here, glad I found this forum.  I live in Northern California, East Bay and looking for similar folks in the area.  I was born and raised in California and saddened to see the state of our State.  I am considering to move up to Seattle area or get a Fall Out Location in the Sierras.  I am Married with 3-kids and looking to see if there are others concerned with the area.

With the political situations getting more intense, protests increasing and a large number of convicts being released in the streets (thanks to Brown) a bad situation is bound to happen. Looking to get a sense of what other are doing here in California or whether they are looking to move out.  I do want to be prepared for worst case scenarios, but at the same time need to be near a tech hub for work. Further, I do want to have my home base near a city dwelling for the University Systems for my kids.

One thought is to move to Seattle and get a FOL in Idaho.  Comments / thoughts welcome!

  4 Responses to “New Prepper in the Area”

  1. It is always a good idea to have fall back locations and alternate sites. One of the concerns that some people may have with this is being able to actually get to your alternate locations. Roads and airports may be closed or blocked and it could make travel quite difficult. It may be prudent to figure out how to survive in the environment you are in, while also learning how to make your through potentially dangerous/wild terrain. These are just some thoughts and opinions. What do you think?

  2. By all means try to connect with others in your present area. But really try to analyze the ability to get out of town if things are gong down. I for one do not want to be around millions of people when things degrade. We used to live in washington and know the seattle area a bit. Not where I would choose to live. Much better in my mind to be in a safe place and be able to have the kids come to you and survive. Lots of fiber going in here in montana.

  3. I live in Seattle currently. One very major concern is the traffic. There’s no way a four wheeled vehicle is getting out of here in a bad situation. If you want to live in the city, have thorough extraction plans without reliance on public roads.

  4. My people are in Central Valley but looking for property in Mariposa area of Sierras. I share your views re Ca deterioration. Looking to correspond with like minded preppers. We are Christians with strong determination re defense, preparedness and sustainability. Please respond back if you are like-minded.